Pictures by Asu 2012.

Gaia house original, Uholičky by Prague, Czech republic.

Irie project. Jah protect.  Designed by jah drawn by I. This was a project that came like a lightning from a blue sky. The Idea of building a house came from our investor, and was meant as a help to both sides. One is golf club and the other was interest in that way of buildings. Kind of coctail full of positive informations. On 1th march i heard first that we are about to build something in a natural style... On 9th april we found consensus about the project and on 28th we begun to build. With almost fluent help of one person and after time in 5 people we did what we could ... 9th jun we opened it for public. Building of this object is like laying the first step of School of natural architecture, that I plan for the future. I hope is that such light and babylonless architecture could grow and became again a way for us, for people that want to live.

Bless U all, helpers, lovers, entertainers... thaks to all who stood by us.. jah bless U...

Globe position:  50.17283,14.344833