Holesin is a very interesting village. It has very 3-dimensional landscape, pleasant people, and no rain.

This house is made like flying house. Its foundations are growing  over the ground, and the wooden construction is by that completely distanced from ground. House is based on 3 steps that are copying the shape of mother nature. Steps are filled with different functions, that enables personal use and private felling. House is mostly orientated to the garden and cooperates with surrounding space.

Actually it is in phase of final works and installations.

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All rights reserved by ing. Miroslav Martinek ... 2015

The one family house.

This time, it was very simple... Mission was to create a house for abolutly normal family. Investors came up with need of two separated bathrooms and connection with the ground.  Project that has started in 2013. Despite the fact that house is planed to stand in safety zone of near forest it took a little time to explain to Blansko office that it is a ,,city house,,. 

House is being build by his investors and friends. They spend really few time to learn how, and now they do a very good job. As a bonus they receive knowledge and spare some money. )

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Latrines are the most high... ,

This type of building enables many experiments. Its proportions make it ideal to test unusual conceptions and procedures

This one is build from fallen part of rowan tree, hazel branches and mud... It is based on 4 stones by locus frame. It has no windows no doors only opened holes. Roof is made from hazel branches and mud. The top is made by grass turfs.

Flushed by rainwater from my straw house to a biological purifier.

All done with a great respect to mother nature.)

Bathroom... very spiritual place.

This one is being build from trees that fallen here by last year winds. I mostly build this alone .. just to know it goes good too...