Architecture is a grand discipline.

It combines art, design and construction in one complex solution. To build means to serve. And architecture is a service.

 I specialize myself in eko-architecture, garden planing, eko- and social-urban projects. This type of architecture is very specific and sensitive.  It depends on very personal communication with customer, on place and his natural dispositions. Architecture in that I trust, is architecture full of respect and meditation.

I believe that good prepared project can save the nature, and  thousands of money.

So. Wanna build? Do it Eko, do it Logically. Build eco-logically!


Some people who can afford it, are asking for projects. For them I think and draw houses. But there are also groups, that can not ask for help. Mostly minorities, they're represented by Ideas, of free and peace world... For them I make projects of my life. To help the poor, to feed the hungry, to build homes for the homeless...