Lipovo 11, Already alive.

PF 2013

With maximal pleasure,

I introduce U, my new home.    

It is made of stone, wood and straw.

Since 25.12.2012 I live here.

Exhibition in Banská bystrica

Tuesday 7 September 2010 by Editor

XXXI+  paintings exhibition

6.9 till 29.10.2010


VUC 1st floor

SNP square 23

Banska Bystrica

new worx added

Sunday 30 May 2010 by Editor

actualized categories :

have an irie time ...

Spring - growing time

Thursday 15 April 2010 by Editor

by digging in your garden you dig a grave for babylon system. own production leads to some positive affects. :

  • you spare !
  • it gets you back to mother nature !
  • you'll probably earn some independence from system (if you're very successfull ))


come on ! dress up and go gardening  ....


Saturday 6 March 2010 by Editor

20. medzinárodný veľtrh nábytku a bytových doplnkov, tentokráte i s moji výtvarnou ůčastí., v případě zájmu naleznete ji zde

  • obrazy v stánku firmy CREATEC
  • řezby v stánku firmy STOKAT

Hezky den na výstavišti Agrokomplex Nitra.)

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Ok here we go . )

Monday 1 March 2010 by Editor

It took almost 6 month of my time but we are finally online . Very special thanx goes to Norby ( Norbert Laposa ) that pushed me to the project, that wrote the engine, administrates the web, and what all u can imagine..., Thanx to all that were endlessly repeating :,, U should make your net portfolio... ,, )) thank you very much.

  • should be seen as a portfolio
  • it shall not be a shop or store, i is not a seller or even bestseller, I is interested in creation, aesthetics, and soul ...
  • downloading copying and unauthorized hearing are very common. there are no restrictions about that. 
  • for commercial use we have to talk about it. but I is sure we find some way... 

Worx seen on pages are possibly maybe for sale. But as i mentioned I is not kind of businessman. If U really can not resist and have to have it, use contact page for communication.

I wish U very pleasant aesthetic impression . )