From sms to project phases.

On the 1st march eve I received a short message from A.Budka : ,, I have got some project work, natural building on a golf range. ,, After mail exchange I understand that we are to build a low cost Club house mostly orientated on children and relax function.

So I started first with sketches. Concept is based on composition of four rooms with no halls or corridors. I prefer closed connections of small rooms, that build a strong construction. Hemisphere is very universal for such opened spaces. Man feels the safety from such shapes and they are very positive through their energy.

Jah concept was born... 

Than it took almost one month to find out how to build the reality. I had to count materials and volumes, I had to find a organization ans schedules for coming process.

At the end I had to work out a real project of it... 

From free site to final gaia house


The story of realizations begins on an empty site. Every place is interesting and so is this. In the near we found the trees that are full of plastic bags, lawn that is so weak that we are afraid to walk on it, and high voltage lines. West, not far from us is the prague's mountain of waste called Regis Uholičky. It is stinky and it is beeping all the time. On the east side there is a view on the Vltava river and something like root culture archeoplace.

In the cold weather and wind we transported material from near woods and prepared the site for workshops, that are planed for weekends. The place is crowded with different kinds of wild woods that we use for construction.

On the workshop came only couple people so we build slowly... For those who came it is a big lesson .. we make holes and bend first arcs. After approximately an hour we have made the first hemisphere. Till the end of the day we made the whole wire structure, and the house is getting its form. 

 On the sunday we continue with plashing of the inner basket. From bottom to the top... from dick woods to the thick ones. Work is getting slow, but wire becomes a volume, so the dispositions are now very clear. 

we continue with plashing.We use more and more bushes. Work has taken too much energy and time.. so we are loosing week. Our team is very unprofessional we learn we try, we make mistakes.

Next step is straw and the second outer basket.

Our straw comes from farm, that is 7 km from our site. Quality is different but all the straw is usefull. Our structures are becoming strength and power. Statics of hemisphere is very good, it is very defined construction and so we can simply climb on it and work without any helping constructions.

After a week the house remains an ant hill. Every shape is natural.

House is looking interesting and known in the neighborhood and so people are starting with visiting us and to inform. 

When the outer basket is finished, we start first clay works. It is more fun than I awaited. We are getting totally dirty. Mud is everywhere., and it is only beginning of all those muddy days...

This place originality is based on void of water and on very heavy clay. This will be now the biggest problem.

Water should be brought in 1000l barrels, but it is not so easy to have it all the time.

Most of the clay we have to buy. It is paradox, and I never thought that some day it is gonna be like that, the clay here is too tuff and so it is much better to buy it.

To mix the clay with straw and water we use prehistoric method. We walk in mud with straw till the mixture is not perfect. Lot of people are doing this for the first time in life. So the quality depends on their sensitivity to material. Now I see how important is to teach people. In this period comes to me a Idea o School of natural architecture. I see it as a way to set people free to build a good house for living.

In between time we are slowly getting done with exterior surfaces and we are beginning to finish walls inside. Construction is our inspiration, it gives very spatial effects by it self. With a little help and hand work it almost sings.

House is growing to its beauty, now. More and more people come to see what is going on here on the golf range. They mostly use to say that it is not a house but a art piece. That it is a sculpture, not only history. Our visitors are very curious about the techniques we use, and how is it possible that it is growing so fast.

We spent already one month working and the product is already looking as on the pictures I prepared. One more month of hard work is waiting there.

Our work is now to finish the walls. 

That means to mix another tons of materials and put them by our hands on the construction.  

It is very ancient feeling ...